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Welcome to The Life Center!

Formed in 2008, our mission is to provide the training, coaching, programs, and other resources that will enable individuals, families, organizations, and communities in Delaware and nationally to create a life worth living in every dimension of life!

Promoting Responsible Manhood

The Life Center is enabling a network of churches to operate the comprehensive Project Manhood program that is designed to help teenage boys to become responsible men and to coach men on how to become successful in life and career.

Promoting Employment & Career Advancement
Promoting Employment & Career Advancement

The Life Center Career Navigator Services utilizes best practices and state-of-the-art methodologies to help men and women to identify the right career path given their strengths and interests and to begin the process of preparation to enter that career field.  Trained Career Navigators help our clients to make the right Career Choice, get started on the Career Preparation,that will lead most quickly to a job in that field, and to gain the Soft Skills to succeed in the 21st century American workplace.

Parenting Training Program

Introducing a very important 6-Week class for parents of teens and 'tweens (ages 11-17)

Millions of parents have achieved success with Active Parenting!

Active Parenting of Teens:Families In Action is a comprehensive new parenting program for parents of preteens and teens. The skills you learn in this class will give you confidence and courage to meet the challenges—and savor the joys—of your children's teen years.

Learn the basics of parenting a teen (plus some in-depth discussion of today's hot topics)
In this class you will learn what's going on in your teen's head, which will help you figure out why they do the things they do. You'll learn how to open up the lines of communication, encourage cooperation and responsibility, and discipline effectively. You'll also explore techniques for solving the inevitable problems that crop up. You'll learn 10 strategies for preventing problems relating to drugs, alcohol, violence and teen sexuality.

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