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The Core Resources
The resources in this section are the starting point to an intensive ministry or program with boys.  Get these first.

Let the Journey Begin Leader's Guide

This is the curriculum that started it all. Hundreds of churches and programs have used Let the Journey Begin to develop a core ministry to boys. The curriculum is build around the life of Joseph in Genesis, and teaches boys the values, attitudes, habits and beliefs of real men. It has proven to be so powerful that boys regularly open up, share their deep feelings, confront their emotional wounds, and are led to new belief systems related to authentic manhood.

The curriculum literally gives them a roadmap to manhood, and each week they recite the Oath of Manhood to reinforce what they are learning. Basic principles for operating the program are also taught in the Leader's Guide.

Let the Journey Begin Boy's Workbook

For each lesson, there are activities for the boys to do during the class as well as between classes.  These reinforce what they learn in class and help them to apply it to their own lives.  This book is in electronic format (Adobe pdf) so that you can make unlimited copies for your church or organization (each church/organization must purchase its own set to be licensed to make copies for its boys.)

Order Now!

Get started today reaching our boys.

Purchase the Leader's Guide and Electronic Workbook

Get the Leader's Guide and the workbook.  The workbook will be emailed to you as a PDF file. You have permission to make as many copies of the pages as you need (for a single church or organization.  Each church/organization must purchase their own copy.)



The Oath of Manhood

Each week, the boys stand and recite together the Oath of Manhood, based on the Beattitudes, where they pledge to be a true man, regardless of who their friends choose to be.  A man who knows he is destined for greatness.  

These are beautiful 8 1/2" X 11" laminated mini-posters. Order enough for each boy to have one (or one for every two boys so they can look on).  Then collect them back at the end of each session to be used again the next week.  (You can also send an extra copy home with each boy to put up in his room or on the refrigerator to remind him each day of the Oath he has taken.)

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