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Project Manhood is a comprehensive ministry that consists of 5 core activities:

  1. Mentor-Coaches.  Central to delivering the Project Manhood model is the provision of a Mentor-Coach.  Mentoring focuses on providing young males with a role model, “friend,” and support person.  Project Manhood tends to emphasize a group mentoring model because we have found that it sustains the involvement of men of color more than an individual mentoring approach does. But boys still meet one-on-one with their Mentor-Coaches on a regular basis.

    Coaching is more action-oriented than mentoring is.  Coaching helps boys become very clear on their goals for their lives at that point and enables them to better accomplish the desired results through personalized teaching, expanding awareness, honing skills, and designing supportive environments.  Case management will also be provided—assessing high priority needs of the boys and referring them to local agencies that can help.

  2. Manhood Training.  Every Project Manhood program offers “manhood training.”  It consists of weekly group sessions in which men lead boys through a discussion of various issues from a biblical basis.  The process is often very intensive, with boys—even hardened boys`—getting honest as they work through the wounds and confusions associated with growing up male in their communities.  Men are able to then help them develop a new understanding of the values, attitudes, skills, and habits of responsible adult men of God.  The Biblical story of Joseph in the Old Testament forms the heart of this training as they learn from Joseph’s life. 
  3. Career Navigation.  Project Manhood at Canaan includes helping boys to identify their career-related interests and strengths, understand career pathways, and make the appropriate steps towards preparing to enter a good-paying career.  Includes soft skills training such as communication, planning, problem-solving strategies, and networking.
  4. Parent Training.  Parents of boys in the program are provided training and support in key skills and knowledge needed to effectively raise urban boys.
  5. Small Business Training & Coaching.  The Project Manhood program also includes teaching boys the knowledge and skills of entrepreneurship which research shows has many positive effects, including self-esteem and increased commitment to learning.  The boys then launch actual businesses which earn money for themselves and the program and teaches them what it takes to thrive in America’s free market economy.


Note:  Project Manhood can include tutoring services for the boys when financially feasible.

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Each Project Manhood site adopts the same goals so that we can determine the success of the program...and you can know how effective you are being.  By adopting the Search Institute's well-defined and highly regarded Developmental Assets framework, you will have the confidence to know that you are working hard to give your boys the most important building blocks to success that research has identified.  

For churches, the assets have been slightly modified to incorporate faith-based distinctives.

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